CBC’s (complete blood counts)


CBC TEST Normal Range 10/27/2009 1/27/2010
WBC 4.0-10.5 3.8 4.9
RBC 3.80-5.10 3.42 3.94
Hemoglobin 11.5-15.0 11.6 12.8
Hemocrit 34.0-44.0 32.8 36.6
Platelets 140-415 376 360
Neutrophils 40-74 59 65
Neutrophils (Abs) 1.8-7.8 2.2 3.2
Creatinine 0.57-1.00 0.52 0.51
Sodium 135-145 142 140
Potassium 3.5-5.2 3.8 3.8
Chloride 97-108 102 101
Calcium 8.5-10.6 9.5 10.4
M-spike 0 0.9 1.1
Free Kappa Lt Chains 3.30-19.40 7.53 4.05
Free Lambda Lt Chains 5.71-26.30 163.8 240.09
Kappa/Lambda Ratio 0.26-1.65 0.05 0.02
Immunoglobulin G, Qn 700-1600 1425 1632
Immunoglobulin A, Qn 70-400 45 65
Immunoglobulin M, Qn 40-230 37 45
Beta-2 Microglobulin 0.6-2.4 1.4 1.2


  1. Adele–I don’t know if you will come back to see my reply, but ask your doctor (or nurse) what it means. They can also give you a copy of your lab results. I’m ashamed, but I couldn’t explain what it means adequately.

  2. Lightning

    What it means is the amount of a protein named Bence Jones in your urine which usually means Multiple Myeloma since it’s caracterized by that protein. And it appears in either lamda lt chains or kappa light chain.

  3. Lightning

    That test (Kappa/lamda light chain) it’s for the MM diagnosis and to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. I hope it helped. Either way better to double check with the Dr. just in case.

  4. May God bless you with a long remission, your wtniirg gives insite into who you are. Most people never really get to understand themselves and go through life blinded by tangible items, its not untill you experience something like this that you really understand what life is really about. Our God is a God of love and peace, we need to unconditionaly trust him and have faith in him. Once we do this we can trully say that all is well with my soul no matter what happens to my body. I survived cancer 15yrs ago and it changed me,I don’t place near the value on material items and just treasure the simple things. I have been able to withstand the storms of my life and not crumble into the corner of the world. I discovered that I have a secret place within me, and can go there whenever I have the need to speak with my Lord. He listens, I have had many miracles happen to me, however even though I have a long way to go before treatments are complete I allready know that this will be a thorn in my side and that I must bear it. (my grace is sufficient for the). My heart cries out unto him as my body rebels and my spirit gains in strengthas my body declines. Stem cell will probably be in my direct future I just hope it goes like yours.Concerning what people think and say concerning cancer, just forgive them, humans like to place blame it comes natural, it also helps them make sense of things. I have heard it all; quite often directed at me as I have bad habits and work way to much. Bad things happen to good people(should read)Good people are made by bad things. unless you experience bad things you can never really relate to or comprehend what its like to be on the recieving end .