This cold weather has got to go! I’m blaming my lack of umpf on the cold.

I’ve canceled my PT session this week and the following. I’m taking a break until I get my pump refilled and the medicine dosage increased. Maybe by then our temperatures will rise and I’ll be more eager to cope. I hope I survive my plan.

Oldest son called tonight. He’s going for a second trip to Haiti. He and several other members of his church went to Port of Paix for a week; they returned just last week. Tonight P calls to tell me he returns on March 6. I’m proud of him. He’s my first baby, so I still hold a mother’s worry over him. But he’s working for the Lord, so I know he’s where he should be.

He was quite moved from his last trip. The people who come to Christ are so authentic down there. People with so little yet they are so rich in other ways. My heart aches for them so. I’m afraid if I were well and volunteered for one of these trips, I may not come home. I fall in love with the little children when I look at their smiling faces. The older people are also very moving. I just think they are a very special people.

So many people from here are doing so much for Haiti. We’re always so appreciative of what we have and enjoy helping others.

This son and his wife invites me to live with them. Oh how much joy I’d have to see them every day, especially the grandson Caiden. What a precious baby boy! My daughter-in-law, A, is such a gentle spirit. Her mother and I connect so well. What a blessed thing it would be to live with them.

My dilemma? Leaving son and his family up here and then secondary, changing doctors. I love my entire doctor team, and I have a large one with all that I have going on. However, I’ve heard wonderful things of the hospital in son’s hometown. That is encouraging and may make the move more pliable.

I feel like I need to wait for things to settle down a bit first. There’s such commotion during these times. It’s disheartening for sure. I’m not happy with our goings on…but the best I can do is to pray and to vote.