I had a good week last week, having two good sessions with PT, making it to my two different bible study groups, and one day even running several different errands in the one day. When I hurt I cowgirled up. It worked for most of the week.

A migraine got the best of me come Friday. I’ve been in bed two days straight, and finally today, Sunday, I’m vertical. Being off of my feet so fully for two days straight has certainly set me back; I’ve lost some gained strength. Tomorrw I see Susan (nurse prac.) to increase my medicine dosage. I did have PT scheduled for later in the day, but I plan on canceling that appointment. I think given the last few days plus what the increased dose of medicine does, I just won’t have it in me.

The increased dose of medicine exposes weaknesses. The spasticity disguises weakness in that it helps you stand relying on the stiffness rather than muscle. So when the medicine is increased to relieve the stiffness, you’re left with reality. It’s not been a real obvious change, but there’s a slight change. My legs feel heavier for a while, heavier than what they already feel.

When I walk now, normally, it’s as if I have 50 pound weights at just above each knee. My legs feel very heavy. This is because of the muscle I’ve lost due to nerve damage. Other muscles are compensating, but they sure must be wimps because they’re not making it all that easy! Hopefully with continued exercise and PT I can toughen up those wimpy muscles. And, who knows, maybe the damaged nerves in those main muscles will awaken again. I won’t lose hope.

Awwwwww. I was doing so good before this migraine fall. I look forward to having another good week, minus the migraine ending!