The follow-up labwork did not show any problems related to having hyper-thyroidism. Doctor J said we’d just monitor it. I see him every 3 or 4 months.

Physical Therapy (PT) is coming along. My pump is also doing just fine. I continue to have the medicine increased slowly. With each increase I go through an adjustment period. As the medicine decreases the spasticity, it exposes weakness. Then once I exercise, then I gain strength.

I’m sad to accept that some muscles can not be recovered. Other muscles will have to compensate. I can see muscle starting to form, but it’s not the same. For example, my calf muscle is barely evident where before I had somewhat muscular calves. It works but it’s not the same. My legs are so very heavy. I have a feeling they will always feel heavy. I may improve a bit here and there, but it will always be a struggle to walk. BUT, at least I can walk. I need to keep reminding myself how good I still got it, because I still have so much to be thankful for.

One of these days I will strive to speak of only “my haves” and not my “have nots.”

But, I’m keeping on with it. This week I’ve driven to my appointments by myself. It’s a little lonely and yet it’s good because it lets me know that I can take care of myself.