Here it is mid-January 2010 and I still feel like I’m struggling. I am making some progress with physical therapy (pt). It’s slow, that is for sure. You have to do these exercises every single day in order to get certain muscles to work at all. Skip one day and you start to lose traction.

I just cannot figure out why I feel so darned fatigued yet! I’m not taking the heavy medications anymore. I take 10mg of Methadone a day, 5mg Norvasc for blood pressure, and then the liquid Lioresal-but it goes directly into my spinal column and should not be affecting my energy.

My PCP had some labwork run which showed I had indications of hyperthyroidism. He subsequently ordered further tests and I should be receiving the results any day now. He doesn’t feel it’s anything serious and nor do I, and whatever it is, I’m sure that there are medications to resolve it. Whatever, I hope I find the answer for this strange fatigue dilemma. It’s such a battle, though nothing compared to when I took the oral Baclofen.

I’m currently going to physical therapy usually about two times a week. I’ve been taught a nice variety of exercises and they are helpful.

I still have the burning feet. For the most part I just have to “cow girl up” regarding my feet pain. The alternative is taking higher doses of medicines like Lyrica. It helped a little for a while, but it got to where I would need a higher dosage to gain any comfort. A higher dosage would lead to more fatigue. So, that’s not an option. Cow girl up. The problem is in my spinal cord, telling false messages to the brain that my feet burn. So in my head I try to tell myself that nothing is really wrong with them and just try to think of it as a false message. It’s amazing what the brain can do and what “we” can do when we put our minds to it. Don’t get me wrong, the pain is always there; I just cope with it a bit better. Sometimes I can go through hours of not feeling it. It’s a strange sensation anyway. If they’re not burning, then there’s another sensation…and all I can say is that it’s indescribeable.

Once I know the results of this latest labwork, I’m hoping that some questions will be answered and issues resolved. Perhaps whatever is making me tired is also affecting my digestive system. There’s also a CT scan I need to have done to compare to last year…something about a spot on my pancreas. They already decided it was OK back then. I guess as long as there’s no changes. I sound like I’ve got lots going on. Maybe I do; but most likely that since I have some curious things going on that any little oddity discovered during a procedures in monitored. Don’t know if that makes sense…just saying that the doctors check everything out and monitor every oddity. I’m thankful for that.

I’m working hard on physical therapy. I’m thinking about getting back into juicing again. I’m hoping to resolve this fatigue and digestive discomforts I have soon.

In the meantime, I pray for Haiti….those poor people. Praise be to all the volunteers helping those people. I’m proud of the US for stepping in, as always. I’m proud to be an American, always.