The Baclofen Pump was successfully implanted last Wednesday. I had a follow-up appointment today. So far, great. We’re slowing increasing the dosage, which is still way lower than what I was taking through pills. I have lots of strengthening therapy ahead of me, I’m sure. Once seated after a while, I dread getting up because it’s hard and hurts a little. But I get through it. It’s way better than not being able to get up at all.

I saw my oncologist today, too. Once again I asked him if he wasn’t sure he’d ever had a Multiple Myeloma patient who had a tumor on their back radiated and then get spinal cord damage like me! I told him I’m going to ask him that question until I hear the answer I want. hee. We both laugh. I just love Dr. Mundis. We definitely communicate well together. It makes such a difference now. I can’t believe I survived those other doctors way back…2008. 🙂

We all wish we didn’t have so many doctor appointments, but when you dread going to a rude, aloof, edgey, just simply “not nice” doctor, it makes it tough. My current team of doctors are so awesome, and this includes my dentist.