November 4th, Wednesday, I’m having a Baclofen Pump implanted. This pump will contain liquid form of the Baclofen. A tube going from the pump to my spinal cord will transfer the medicine. This way the medicine goes straight to my spinal cord where it’s needed. It will relieve me of the rigidity and spasms in my legs.

I’m told it also exposes any weakness. For example, the rigidity also helps one balance and stand up. You get to rely on that stiffness rather than muscle. I think I have a good start of muscle as I have been doing some walking whereas some individuals are to the point of no walking.

I look forward to not being as sleepy. I hope that happens anyway. I’m still taking Lyrica. I think the combination of Lyrica and Baclofen made the fatigue more pronounced.

I’ll try to post soon after the procedure. It will likely be a little time and physical therapy to get stabilized. I know my attitude and desire to succeed will not only get me through this, but I imagine I’ll get through this at a fast pace.