I made it to the X-ray place yesterday then stopped by Walmart on my way home to pick up pet food. I had other errands in the vicinity I wanted to do, but I was just too tired. I nodded off at the wheel a few times on the way home! I’ve not done that in the afternoon before and not sure why I was so tired. I crossed the line one time and it alerted me enough to focus on maintaining my focus. Needless to say, I napped once I got home! I did check on the horses and barn cats before I napped. I think the horses and barn cats do me good most of the time.

Today I had a nail appointment and then bible study. I was tired during bible study, but survived though started to nod a few times. Once home I checked on the horses and barn cats. It felt good as it was just brisk outside, not freezing or windy. I was actually spending some time brushing Mazey as she’d rolled in mud a few days ago when Haleigh, my neighbor, came up to return my mail misplaced in their mailbox. We chatted some and Halleigh may come up Friday to visit. She’s my buddy (12 years old).

This is my third day of back on vitamins and supplements. I’m trying to see if I will notice a difference in energy, especially with the B-vitamins. I take Super B Complex and B12. Hopefully I’ll feel a little boost of energy.

A friend from church called to check on me as she and another didn’t see me at church last Sunday and were worried about me. One heard I’d been sick and in bed for 7 days. What good friends. Amanda also checked on me. Shelia (Amanda’s mom ) is checking on me, too, via this Blog (thank you Shelia). It is good to be cared for. I have great family and church family. I’m so blessed.

I have no idea who all may be reading this ~~ sort of feels weird but I have to put it out of my mind.

Right now, tonight, I’m sort of feeling better than I have in a while. It feels weird and a bit scary to feel better. I don’t know how to feel about it. That sounds stupid, but it’s how I feel. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid to feel better in case it’s taken away from me. Ya, I think that is it. I’m afraid that if I acknowledge or accept this bit better feeling that it will go away. I must ignore it so it doesn’t go away.

I need to pay some bills, then spend my energy on researching 1)juicer that will juice wheatgrass 2)where to buy sprouts and wheatgrass & stuff to grow it in 3) just exactly what supplements/vitamins should I take or not take. Next Monday I’ll find out whether the doctors will suggest a new treatment. I sure hope that my IGG serum marker hasn’t increased…much anyway.