Boy have I been tired or under the weather. I got the nasty migraine thing Monday and I also had a Migraine last week. They hit me pretty tough these days; if I even move I feel like I’m going to vomit. I called son Adam and left a message for him if he could come home to help. I asked him NOT to call me so I didn’t have to talk, but he called. I managed to talk and not vomit. 🙂 Thank God for Adam. That was Monday.

I felt loads better Tuesday and was so grossed out after having been in bed for over 24 hours straight that I washed my mattress and pillow covers as well as the sheets PLUS swept the house really good and got on my knees to scrub the floors. I felt better. Oh, and I washed the dog bed covers, too. I hate that stinky, sleepy smell and this house sure had it after we all piled up for 24 hours. My dogs can do a good sleeping jig when I sleep. They just snore away right along with me for the most part. My poodle is the only one in bed with me and she snuggles right up next to me on her back and sleeps away. TMI, right?

I put my big old 25 pound cat outside, Cody. I feel sort of bad. No, I feel really bad. I think he likes it for the most part outside, but he would also like to come back in at times. I can’t stand a indoor/outdoor cat because I feel like they bring nasties inside, so poor Cody is out. Chloe and Tabby are outside and they get along, so I think he’ll be OK. I called the Vet to ask if he’d be OK and they said he would be fine. I found him all curled up in a dog house I have filled with straw. He was toasty.

One of those moments Cody wanted in and was trying to get in, I was pushing him back with one foot. Mandy, outside dog, was around and so he was sort of hurrying and trying to get around my foot and for some reason I tried to use both feet at the same time without realizing I needed that 3rd leg to hold myself up. BAM! I fell straight down on my bottom. I didn’t really hurt anything though my fingers hurt a little from the fall. I don’t recall if this happened Friday or Saturday, but Sunday I woke up with a really bad pinching feeling in my chest. With my migraine Monday, this pinching added to my aches. At first I thought it was my heart, but then remembered that fall. I think when I fell that I must have jarred my insides and something just bruised. It’s better today a bunch. Only when I breathe real REAL deep do I feel a little something. It seems to be improving big time. I recall having this same feeling about 25 years ago when I first played racquetball. I ran full speed into a wall! DUH! That ball moves so fast and I was so focused on that ball that I never saw the wall coming!

So, in summary for now, I’m still very fatigued, but no longer heading down that big dark hole I felt I was heading about 3 weeks ago. My legs are better as far as RLS at bedtime, but they’re still weird feeling. I find myself using my break through oxycodone more due to bone pain all over. While I have had better days, I’m far better than what I was feeling before I stopped taking the Dex and Rev.

I just dread if I will need to have one of those ports if that is what my new treatment will require-but if it comes down to it~~I’ll accept it and handle it just fine. There are many who have it much worse, so what’s a port or two, ya know? I still get to enjoy my kids, home, pets, and now a grandson on the way….ya…what’s the trouble with a little port if I have to!! Will give Lane (grandson) something to play with!! Heeee..YUCK!

🙂 until next time…….