Today I was scheduled for Lab at 10:30am, M.D. at 11:05am, and Aredia Treatment at 11:45am. I was 30 minutes late (eeek! no good excuse…just tough to get up and around and I do live 50 minutes away–but no excuse….dang). Anyway, once I arrived they told me that Julie left directions for me to just go on to Level 3 for my Aredia Treatment.

That put me there 45 minutes early and they still didn’t get to me until about 1am. I started my 2-hour treatment at 1:30pm. So, I sat there from 11:05-ish to nearly 1:00 (2 hours!) before they took my blood. The first thing they did was my temp, blood pressure, and weight — all fine. There was only 1 room available and it was one with a bed versus a recliner. Later a nice girl asked me if I’d like to move to a room with a recliner. YES. I did and it was a “window room.” It’s always nice to have a “window office” ya know?

The clinic’s new office has real nice recliner with attached arm-tables on each side, and a big wooden bookcase with a TV. The TV has DISH and DVD capabilities. It is very nice. I usually get in a plain inside room and I guess the Window cubes are taken–but today I got a window. I read during my treatment but often I just sat and looked through the blinds at the beautiful autumn leaves. I wanted to enjoy the beautiful colors while they last.

My only contact today was with the little nurse who set up my IV. She passed questions back and forth to Julie. The nurses routinely confirm the medications and supplements you’re taking, your pain level on a scale of 1-10, etc. Actually, I had all the stuff I was scheduled for but for seeing the doctor and I really wasn’t in the mood to see a doctor today anyway. I hadn’t really prepared myself enough so that I could explain my symptoms and timing. I have it all written down in my numerous calendar diaries I have…geeze I’m a neurotic.

Since I’m not taking Revlimid this juncture, it wasn’t required I see a doctor this visit. They are aware I stopped the Rev 11/3/07 and they’re not overly concerned with this break. December 3rd I’m set up for another bone mass xray and then December 10th I see a doctor and from all the results (bone mass, IGG taken today) they’ll decide my next treatment.

I really want to try and juice wheat grass and other cancer-fighting veggies between now and then, but by Dec. 10th they won’t know if it’s done any good. I’m still going to try. I have to start GROWING my own wheat grass–I have to get the seeds, etc. But I can get it going within a week if I get on it tomorrow. Of course, that’s assuming my Jack LeLane juicer will handle the wheat grass which I understand it probably won’t. I hear only a the really upper quality juicers handle wheat grass. I’ll figure it out…but ultimately, I’d like to try juicing the cancer-fighting veggies a bunch to see if they can’t help boost my immune system so it can fight those beastly myeloma cells!

NOTE: I’m still learning this blog and didn’t realize my entries would both show up like they did. I “categorized” this one in “Doctor Appointments” and all my others were in just “Regular News” which is my day-to-day feelings. Oh well…now I’m getting it….