Yummy. I’ve never been much of an ice cream or junk food eater, but in the past few years I’ve gone through my phases. This week my vice is Baskin & Robbins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. My computer was moving so slow that I wandered into the kitchen and fixed myself a nice healthy bowl of this great ice cream. Then I sat and watched my puter work out its problems from a few pushes of a few buttons from me as I enjoy this treat.

I have been trying to get back to my juicing. I’m limping along, still trying to learn the healthy stuff, which I enjoy the most.

Last Tuesday, 10/23/07, I started with a low-grade migraine which fully bloomed into a raging migraine by Thursday. My migraines are either hormonal or weather/sinus related. I think this one was a combination. This migraine season of my life, nothing to do with the cancer, is just plain tough. I can hardly stand them and I’ve actually called Adam to help me. I would never do that unless I was at my lowest of lows. I’m sure I’ll get through these, no later than when I’m through menopause. 🙂

Some kind of turbo-fatigue established itself within me before I stopped my steroids (Dexamethasone) last week. I half-expected I’d feel some sort of relief or gained strength in my legs once I stopped the Dex. Nope. If anything, my right leg has even shown signs of that weakness–that quivering of the ankle when you slightly life your heel.

My next doctor appointment is November 12 and I will be fairly adamant about moving forward with PT (physical therapy) for my legs. I have to go to war with this leg weakness. Between now and then, assuming I can stay above the migraines and any infections, I will work intensely and at a safe pace of working out between now and November 12th. I’ll note the improvement accomplished.

I love that show (on DISH) “Little People Big World” with those midgets or dwarfs. I’m not sure which they are. We all know I’m mere inches from joining their family as I’m 5’0″ (and I may be just under that now). Well, with it being Halloween and the way I walk with these stupid weak legs — I could be a “little people Herman Munster”!!! No Lie!!! I often find myself with that knee lock up, heels down, feet up, wobble left to right with my whole body! I need only add a few of Herman’s arm antics and makeup and I’d surely be mistaken for a mini-Herman Munster. Sort of like Minny Me on that other funny show…I forget the name. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humor!

Stefanie got baptised today and we all went out to eat. It was real nice. Later Adam came to my house and we moved some boards from the garage to one of the barns. I took a few pictures I’ll try to post tomorrow or so. I’m too tired to downloand, etc….but tomorrow I’ll post if I can.

Only news here is that I was more fatigued than I’ve been since I was first diagnosed October 2005. I mean, I was seriously f-a-t-i-g-u-e-d. Then I was sort, ohhhh the bones hurt exceptionally. The migraine. And, I forgot to mention I took nausau pills several days. I don’t feel like I had a flu or anything like that. I think I’m just adjusting. One thing I do wonder if I was detoxing some. Prior to all this, I had been juicing pretty much. I’m learning that if you go through a change to healthy eating, especially going to live foods, you do feel fluish for a few weeks. I’m thinking I may have been going through a bit of detoxing symptoms.

I have more research to do and I imagine this is a long journey in education regarding nutrition and holistic healing, but I plan to get very serious in juicing and eating more healthy, though I will not give up certain things I enjoy. I just enjoy juicing, too. I want to try a daily juicing of wheat grass, carrots, Kale, cabbage, and celery. I may include an apple and then do other juices when possible. The carrots, Kale, wheat grass, and cabbage are all good for cancer fighting and building up of the immune system. It would be interesting if I could move myself into a complete remission by doing this. We’ll see.

I’m reading Kris Carr’s “Crazy Sexy Cancer” book and she provides recipes in the back of her book. She went to some place where they diagnosed her blood. She changed it (to the better) once she started eating live foods. I need to head in that direction. I think it sounds fun. I just need to have the energy.

One last comment. Yesterday I played with Stoney (Arab gelding – 8 years old). He did really well, though he flipped me off a few time, it was more in jest then seriousness and he stopped it immediately. I love that boy. I think I’m going to start giving him at least 5 hours a week of play. I also want to do so with Joey (20+ or -) “qtr horse type”. Poor Joey – he’s a story none of us know. I often find myself romanticizing his story and Lucy’s story, too. I have plans for Joey before I die. I have to – else I fear what his life will be like if I outlive him. I understand him. I don’t think anyone else does. You see, Joey is perfect, but one might never realize that. 🙂 There is a lot of heart in him. I pray Jesus reunites me with all my horses and that they are all eager to give me bareback rides all of the time – and that I am one of those riders who becomes one with my horse as I ride. That will be Heaven.