Yesterday was my monthly Aredia treatment, two hours through IV. This is for my bones, strengthening them and also helps with pain supposedly. The BMT was running late, so it was a long day. I napped, as usual, during treatment. I always bring a bag full of books to read and I rarely read, instead I nap. One of these I’ll learn…to not carry the heavy load of books!

My counts are still low though my platelets and red blood cells went up a wee bit. I’m still low and my white cells are still in the critical levels. Next visit in November I believe they’ll measure the IGG serum. That is the abnormal cells in my blood – it’s a “level.” I still do not understand it totally.

I’m extra fatigued. I was getting more fatigued even before I got off of the steroids. I’m trying to watch my sleep schedule and stress level.

I cancel out of bible study fairly often, I’m just too tired and weak. I should have tried to walk today but it was so windy. I walked for 35 minutes a few days ago and that was the first time in about a week. I was somewhat sore afterward but that is good; it means I’ve done something.

Last night I went to Joanne’s (a friend who conquered breast cancer). She put on an educational-like meeting at her house sharing information she’s learned along the way about juicing, growing sprouts, wheat grass, etc., books, and various information related to healthy, natural eating and living. One thing I learned is that I most likely will have to invest in a higher quality juicer if I want to juice wheatgrass, and I do. Wheatgrass is supposedly very good at fighting cancer; I don’t know what it does, I just know it’s good.

I enjoyed visiting the horses twice today. Someone was target shooting I guess today and I didn’t want to chance my horses getting hurt, so I kept them up near the barn. OBNOXIOUS! I got so tired of hearing the gun shots. I think it’s just rude. While we all live on acreage, it’s just too close for comfort for my taste to target practice. I suppose I’m just being grouchy but Lord help anyone who accidentally shoots one of my animals!!! My horses seem to be OK with it. The Arabs do stand together looking in the direction of the shots, but they don’t run around. I would have to be careful if I were standing next to them, however. You never know how they might react. Mandy (dog) was shivering all over. I just hate it when people target shoot – that should be done on large, LARGE farms where you don’t have neighbors for miles and miles. That is just my feelings. URGGG!

One last thing, and I’m so tired of this. The insurance company for my LTD is wanting me to complete paperwork again now that I will have been on disability for 2 years in April 2008. Their definition of being disabled “changes” whatever that means. I don’t know why, but I’m stressed over this. I won’t feel good until I’m approved. My doctor has to complete information, too. They’re [insurance compan] going to kill me with the stress they put me through with this stuff. I guess people take advantage of insurance companies and we all suffer. I don’t know what I’d do if they disapproved me. I’m just too tired to work a job. Oh well, I won’t invite trouble and I’ll leave it in God’s hands.