If I were still taking steroids, today would have been Day #4 of my “4 day on, 10 day off” pulse. My entire body hurts, especially in the mornings. Steroids mask symptoms and pain although they cause other issues. I am certainly feeling the pain. It hurts to roll over; I have to brace myself and move. I’m feeling the most pain in my neck area, although my entire back hurts. The pain in my fingers, shoulders, knees, hips, etc. is nothing comparted to my neck and back. That park hurts in the morning.

Wonderful, I start out this entry complaining about pain, but that is how my days start. One of the first things I do in the mornings, after letting the dogs out, is take my morning meds, which includes 60mg of Oxycodone. It seems to help plus just getting up and moving around helps to work out the kinks. I take another 60mg of Oxycodone in the evening. I have “break through” Oxycodone in 5mg pills and I can take 10mg every few hours as needed. I haven’t had to do that much, but may have to unless I adjust to not taking the steroids.

My legs seem more stiff these past few days. It’s not stiff but maybe paralyzed or just useless. They’re not numb, but they just don’t work, especially the left one. I feel like I look or walk like Herman Munster [Frankenstien] at times with stiff legs and walking sort of left-right-left-right. 😉 hahaha

I think after consistent exercising I’ll get it all under control. I have not exercised consistently for nearly a week now. I did walk the other day and was sore the next day. I walked 45 minutes and it was probably too much given I’d not done much for a few days. Plus, I did lunges and all with the CD instructions.

I lead my bible study this morning with the adult mentally challenged group (Shining Light) and attended service. Afterwards, Adam, Stefanie, Jennifer, Drew, and I ate at Guido’s. Adam came by my house afterwards and the girls went on. Adam and I relaxed and had a good visit. He’d intended on doing some work around here, but we visited instead. That is much better. He did some heavy lifting for me, like taking the horse feed to the barn, putting the umbrella back in the table on the front porch, and carrying my bottled water purchase into the house for me. I miss the days I did this stuff with little thought. I have to admit, though, that stuff is heavy even for a healthy 52 year old woman! 😉 Still, I used to do all that stuff by myself.

I’m taking that Financial Peace University (FPU) 13-week course of Dave Ramsey’s at my church. It’s great. It’s common sense stuff and either it’s concepts you already know or if you just took the time to think about it, it’s common sense. Dave even says it’s simple stuff. It’s just different when the information is presented in an intriguing and inspiring way such as Dave succeeds in doing with the FPU course. It definitely incents a person. He is very skilled at organizing the information and giving you the encouragement and incentive to apply his techniques. It just makes sense. I wish I’d done this a long time ago. I knew better.